2017 Reflections

Today is the 31st which means it is New Years Eve! What an apt time to reflect on the year just gone. This time last year I wrote a blog post on my goals for 2017, what I hoped to have achieved by the end of this year. So I felt it was time to revisit some on that list and reflect on what I have and have not quite managed to accomplish this year. 

Spend more time with friends.

Last year I made a conscious decision to try and see my friends more. I live my life in the fast lane, always working, making and playing (my brass instrument that it), that I often struggle to find time for my friends. This year I feel I have made more an effort to put time aside to enjoy myself and catch up with friends. 

Sew a Piece of clothing. 

Sadly this is a goal I have not actually achieved. I've had my sewing machine now for well over 3 yrs and not a single item of clothing has been made. Only flags, pencil cases and make up bags. It is certainly a goal I am carrying over to next years list. 

Learn brush lettering.

This year I attended a free workshop with the lovely Lola Hoad in Manchester as part of this Digital Festival. I got to learn the basics of lettering whilst practising. It gave me a new found confidence in brush lettering and started to draw and illustrate more. 

Buy my first home. 

In July this year, having spent 9 months living back with the parents, I saved up enough money to finally buy my first home. A lovely stone built, 2 up 2 down end terrace in the Lancashire country side. It has been my home now for 5 months and I finally have a lovely little studio space for my small creative business. 

New products.

This year I finally used my kiln. I bought this bloody thing about a year ago, and Parcel Force damaged the kiln during transit (idiots). After getting confirmation from a kiln specialist that it was still safe to use, I fired my first ceramics at home. I can not tell you how elated I felt opening the kiln for the first time and seeing everything still in tact. It felt like I had finally I created a product I absolutely loved and felt super proud of. I created a range of colourful minimal ring dishes, cones and necklaces. You can shop these products here now.  


Be happier & healthier.

So this year I feel I have not done too well on this goal. I did have a gym membership for 10 out of the 12 months, so surely that counts for something right!!! However my full time job, small business and banding took over my life. If I am being honest, 3 months ago I started to feel unhappy and really stressed. I was having pretty bad migraines, sometimes with an aura. My life felt like it wasn't my own and I didn't have time for things I wanted to do. So I am hoping to carry this goal in to next year in a big way. 


This year I travelled abroad to the beautiful city of Barcelona with my boyfriend. I have yet to blog about my trip to Barcelona which I will do very soon I promise. It was an incredible city and hope to visit abroad again next year. 

Focus on Wholesale. 

I'm pretty happy with the achievements this year in regards to wholesale. I worked on a number of collaborations that I'm really proud of. I teamed up with Hanson & Hopewell for some rings cones and dishes for their engagement gift boxes. They now sell these on Not on The High Street it's kind of a big deal! I also worked with Box Book Club and made around 240 flags for their Beauty and the Beast themed box for the month. 

I could quite easily sit here and think of all the things I wish I had achieved this year. But having looked back at all the successes I have had and what I have accomplished makes me feel much better about 2017. The next few days will consist of me making my new goals for 2018, whilst heading in to the new year with a group of friends at a house party consuming lots of Prosecco and Gin. Hope you all have a lovely NYE whatever your plans are. See you in 2018! 

Love Laura xx


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