2019 Goals

I always enjoy writing these goal posts every year, as it gives me a clearer focus heading in to the new year. It also forces me to look at the goals I set myself last year and see if I managed to achieve any of them. I have to say I’m rather pleased with myself as I’ve achieved quite a few of them. I wanted to make more ceramics and I’ve certainly done that. I’ve made a lot more necklace designs and my earrings flew off the stand at my Christmas craft fairs. I took that Instagram course with All That is She and found it so useful. It encouraged me to get more creative and honest with my posts.

What I failed at was blogging more, getting healthier and photographing more. Working full time means when I get home I focus on making my orders and getting them packaged up. It leaves little time to blog, and do people even read blogs anymore? It seems Instagram has certainly taken over on the social media front and blogs are becoming less and less popular means of communicating. I find blogging quite relaxing, so it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


Move into our new home

Me and Mark have made plans to sell both our houses and buy one together. A beautiful new build that we have already reserved our plot for. We now just need to sell our homes. All being well we will move into our new home May/June 2019. I’ve already been pinning hard and gathering lots of interior inspirations on Instagram.

Create a wholesale catalogue

This is something I really need to kick my behind into doing. This whole year has passed me by, with me mentally saying I really need to create an updated wholesale catalogue. January is the month of quiet for my small business, so I’m aiming to get a new wholesale catalogue made and emailed out to lots of lovely shops.

Blog & Newsletters

I am both equally bad at remembering either of these or making time for it. I love getting newsletters from other small businesses so why I don’t send my own I don’t know. Again, it is all down to time after my full-time job. But this year I’m making a conscious effort to send a newsletter AT LEAST once a month. For blogging, I’d like to blog once a fortnight, because once a week is a bit unrealistic for me.


This year we had planned a Christmas trip to Berlin in December. But with us buying a house and deposits were due, we decided to scrap the holiday in favour of securing our house. Which don’t get me wrong I’m much happier about. But I’m now certainly craving a holiday abroad next year. My partner is off on a week-long diving trip to Egypt in September. So, I’m planning a trip out to Switzerland to visit my lovely friend Jo for the Basel Carnival which I believe to be really amazing to see.


Last year I wanted to get healthier and for the first part of the year I did, through personal training group sessions. But in the end that got expensive and the second half of the year I spent looking and feeling like a potato. This isn’t just me getting healthier in losing weight or exercising more, but it is also about my mental health and well-being. I do suffer with anxiety and it is something I’m not very open about, but this year stress and anxiety has gotten the best of me. I haven’t made enough time for self-care and spent too much time being stressed.

I recently bought Fearne Cotton’s new book ‘Quiet’ and I’ve loved reading it. It is all about our negative chatter and how to notice its triggers. It’s helping me to quieten down all that negative chatter that goes on in my head. I worry too much about the future, not having achieved enough and what others think of me. For me 2019 isn’t about getting skinny, it is about feeling more comfortable in my own skin and generally having a more positive outlook on life.

So, there you have it, my goals for 2019 laid bare for you all. If there is one thing I want to focus more on next year, it is self-care and self-love. I’m 29 in January and I don’t want to waste more of my life worrying and listening to negative chatter. Have a wonderful New Years Eve whatever your plans are. Mine, to drink lots of prosecco and gin.


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