Goals for 2017

My last blog post touched mainly on what a year 2016 had been for me personally and for the business. But I did not touch upon what I hope to achieve in 2017. To say I am bad at keeping New Year Resolutions is an understatement. I always head in to the new year full of fresh hopes and dreams of what I aim to achieve by the end of it. Many which never transpire. Again this New Years Eve i'm sat with a big list of stuff I'd like to think I can achieve by this time next year. So I thought I would share my list with your guys, in a bid to try and achieve at least a few of them! 

1. Make more time to spend with friends. 

I live fairly close to the friends I made in high school, so this goal is more aimed at friends made at University. We live dotted around the world (UK, Singapore, Germany and China), so its not often we get to see each other. With having a full time job and running a small business, I find it incredibly hard to take time off and make the effort to travel and see them. 

2. Sew a piece of clothing.

This is a goal I've probably had since I gained my A* Textiles GCSE many years ago. I always say to myself I should really start sewing some clothes using easy patterns to begin with. All my make up pouches and flags are all sewn up from scratch, so I'm no stranger to my sewing machine. But the idea of making a whole garment just scares me a little. I always think I won't have enough time to focus on it and therefore put it off. But i'm going to buy a pattern from the lovely Tilly and the Buttons who I was next to at Renegade, and finally sew myself an item of clothing. 

3. Learn brush lettering.

I've wanted to practice and learn brush lettering for like 2 years now and I never seem to really try. I find I have less and less time these days to spend on just practising a new skill. I'm too busy working FT or getting orders made to learn something new. I've ordered all the equipment this week so there's no going back. 

4. Buy my first home. 

I initially moved back to my parents 4 months ago to get my shit together in the short term. But my dad suggested I stay a little longer and save to buy, instead of wasting my money on renting. He's right! So thats what i'm currently doing. Saving like mad so that I can buy my first home this year. 

5. New products. 

As a creative business owner this goal isn't really anything new. But having bought a kiln towards the end of year i'm finally able to create a line of ceramics. I've quite simply not found the time to do this recently. So i've invested some of the money made from Christmas and bought a ton of different coloured glazes to get creative with. 

6. Be healthier and happier

This is likely THE biggest new years resolution many people make. To loose more weight, exercise more, eat less etc. But this is truly a goal I want to try my hardest to achieve. I most certainly need to exercise more and eat better food. To feel happier in myself and be a more confident me. I mean I get I might never look like Jennifer Lawrence, but a girl can dream!

7. Travel 

This year I got to travel to Singapore to witness a best friend get married (Read about it here). It was the trip of a lifetime. Even though most my money is going to go towards buying a house, i'd like to try and at least travel to one different country next year. A small city break somewhere would satisfy me. 

8. Focus on wholesale.

Last year I told myself I would spend more time on sorting out the wholesale side of my business. Well...I didn't. I dreamed of having a kick ass section on my website with an awesome online catalogue and amazing pictures. I was starting to make headway with it, but then life happened and I put it to the back of my mind. I was asked to attend a Trade Show next year, although I said no, it really spurred me to get myself in a position where I could go in 2018. So next year I hope to have all those things listed above with a few new stockists of Fox + Lilly.

9. Give less f**ks

I desperately want to read Sarah Knight's book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k' (Little birthday present hint there for next month). Anyone who knows me well, knows I'm a worrier and get incredibly nervous. I worry about things that haven't even happened yet and stressful situations get me nervous. I tend to always worry about what other people think, and find myself desperately trying to please others. If 2016 has taught me anything (apart from the fact it seems anyone can be president these days), its that life is too bloody short to spend trying please people you don't like. 

10. Be a boss! 

This is pretty self explanatory. Not to be a girl boss, but a boss! I love running this business more then anything and its made me realise how driven and ambitious I am. To continue driving this little business of mine even further than this year has taken me. 

So thats my set of 10 goals i'm hoping to work towards achieving in 2017. I hope next year is much better than this year has been for me personally and for the business. Hope your all having a lovely NYE doing whatever it is you've chosen to do. Here's to 2017. 



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