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I'd say i'm a fairly organised person already but with me hoping to make 2018 a pretty awesome year, I decided to get more organised than usual. I thought it be good to write a post sharing what tools and planners I'll be using this year. I've always been sucker for pretty notebooks, new diaries and stationery. I think I have about 4 unused notebooks just sitting in my desk draws waiting to be used. But this year I'm focusing on two main planners to help me make 2018 a kickass year. 

Dream Plan Do Planner

I got this planner via a kickstarter campaign, a planner aimed to "work on your creative business in a strategic, practical, creative and thought-provoking way so that you will be creating a sustainable and profitable business". 

It encourages you to think about what your dream is, the big picture. The planner gets you to focus on a particular goal for the year ahead, then breaking this down in to quarterly and monthly plans. For me this was perfect, I have always been a month to month kinda gal with my business. Never thinking about the year as a whole. The quarterly planning also got me thinking of what I wanted to achieve by then end of these goalposts, and what I needed to be doing in what months to get them done. It helped me think and plan my products, admin, financial and social media goals. 

It also came with a great A3 wall planner for the whole year ahead. I've always wanted to get one to remind me of key dates in the year, and also deadlines for fairs. Not to mention its handy for reminding you of birthdays. 

You can get this planner by shopping here | Softback £29 / Hardback £37 / Wall Planner £5

MiGoals 2018  Diary

I found out about MiGoals diary via Instagram and immediately fell in love with it. I just loved the layout of the monthly and weekly view. I also really like the space to write down your short and long term goals. The goals section allows you space to write down smaller more achievable actions, so your overall goals doesn't seem too impossible or difficult. 

Monthly View

I find the monthly overview super helpful when seeing what my month ahead entails. Also incredibly handy for birthdays and key events in the month. You can write down monthly goals too, which I find a great motivator. 

Weekly View 

I really love the way the weekly section of the planner is laid out. It gives you enough space for day to day appointments or notes. At the top it allows you to keep track of gym sessions or blog posts wrote in that week. 

Monthly Incomings and Expenses

Also an added bonus for other small biz owners, or people who just love being organised with money. At the back of the planner is monthly expenses pages. This will be so good for me to keep track of my small biz outgoings. I am terrible with buying new supplies and materials and not realising how much i'm actually spending. So I already know this is going to be really helpful for me to be more organised with my money. 

I got my MiGoals diary from Moxon and it is currently in the sale. Some colours have sold out, but they have a hardback and softcover option. I purchased the hardcover diary and you buy it here.

Hardback £14.95 | Softcover £13.95  (Price as of 28th Jan 2018)

Lots of love, Laura xx


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