Merry & Bright

Christmas this year has been a very busy yet enjoyable one. The month of December was my busiest month at Fox + Lilly with lots of people ordering in time for Christmas. I don't complain because it makes me so happy to think lots of people would open a gift that was handmade by myself in my little studio. That people will spend their hard earned money on gifts for their loved ones, choosing my products to do that. The past few days saw me making, sewing and wrapping lots of things for my customers and friends and family.

Yesterday was finally my time to sit and relax without worrying about wether my orders will get to people in time. I wanted to give you a little sneak peak in to my Christmas I had. This year I went a little crazy on wrapping presents, buying some gorgeous paper and copper bells from Paperchase. The twine I got from Fred Aldous in Manchester. In the morning I spent it with my better half and cat in our flat. I bought Jess this 100% catnip toy which she went absolutely crazy for. All day see was rubbing herself on it and just sitting on it. Then the day mostly consisted of me spending it at my mum and dads who live a 5min drive away. We ate, drank and watched the finale of Downton Abbey (which was amazing and I cried like a baby). 

The Christmas break has also given me time to reflect on my business, looking at what people really liked. Turns out my personalised make-up bags, ring dishes and ring cones were flying out the studio. So next year I have decided to focus on these three products by expanding their range of available fabrics and colours. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and enjoy the step in to the new year. I know I am really excited to get started on expanding my range and to see what 2016 brings Fox + Lilly. 

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