My 2018 Goals

The month of January brings a fresh start for many, and means a whole load of New Years Resolutions are made. For me it means new goals are made personally and for my small business. I see a whole year of fresh opportunities and a whole lot of time to achieve more goals. Below are a new set of goals I have going into the New Year. 

Improve on Blogging.

I really enjoy writing a good blog post about personal and small business things. However as I'm still working a full time job I struggle to find time to sit down for a good two hours and write out a post. Next year I plan to designate a set day in the week to be my blogging day. At the weekends i'll take the pictures for it and then after work I can settle down with a brew and write about whatever my heart desires. 

Undertake an Instagram e-course.

This year one of my main focuses to improve on is my Instagram feed. Last year I tried to improve on hashtags and the theme of my images. Whilst I feel I have made some improvements, I still feel I have a long way to go yet in my imagery. My aim is to grow my following to 5k by the end of the year and to have a more consistent theme throughout my feed.

Create more ceramics.

Now that I've developed confidence in using my kiln I've so many more designs and products wizzing around in my head. This week I'm going to sit down, and plan out new products for key dates throughout the year. I'd love to make a range of planters and mugs by the end of this year. 

Get healthier. 

This is a goal I didn't quite achieve this year, so I plan to add it to my list again this year. I've always had a love hate relationship with food and I can't seem to say no. I'm a comfort eater and I love carbs and chocolate. So my aim for this year is not to totally cut out these foods, but limit them and exercise more. 

Attend more creative events & workshops.

I'm the kind of person who will look at an event or workshop and think...god I'd love to go to that...and then don't go! I'm a sucker for it. Sometimes its money but sometimes its because I'm busy or I'm a little nervous about going. I've already started on this goal by booking myself on a Creative Business Workshop where the likes of Holly Booth Photography and Darwin and Gray will be special guests. The event is on the 18th January (day before I turn 28 eek) in Derbyshire and you can book on it here

Photograph more. 

Around 2 years back I bought a Canon EOS-3 in a bid to use it more, as it was more light weight and smaller than my bigger DSLR. However this year has been somewhat lacking in photo taking. I often forget to take it out, charge it or plan photographs when the light is good. I need to get myself a trendy camera bag, another battery and use it more for the business. 

Get organised.

Last but not least of my goals is to get organised. I'm one of those people who will think up a great product idea for Valentines Day, get to February 10th and realised I never made it. This year I need to get more organised and plan 3 months ahead constantly. So i'm not missing out on big occasions throughout the year. I purchased the Dream Plan Do planner some months back on Kickstarter to help me think about the year ahead and in 3 monthly chunks. Its a great planner and I will do a review on it this month for you guys. 

So thats it! My seven goals for this year. I'm feeling much more determined this year than I was last. Here's to 2018 and hope you all achieve your goals in the year ahead. 

Love Laura x



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