My Etsy Wishlist

It is now that time of year were I start to gather some ideas for Christmas gifts. And you are thinking, are you crazy it's only August! I probably am, but there is nothing wrong with being prepared. I swore last year I would try my hardest to only buy from small independant businesses, being one myself. So this year is no exception either. But whilst i've been searching through the many listings, i've found plenty of things I want myself. So I decided to put together my own little Etsy wishlist from many talented designers and makers. Simply click on the images to be taken to their store. 


Wild Fawn Jewellery

I had the pleasure of meeting the woman behind Hopscotch at a recent Etsy event, who makes the most amazing range of candles, beauty products and jewellery. I got to smell this spiced apple candle and it instantly reminded me of Christmas. It is certainly a candle I will be buying for my house, to give it a real homely and festive feel. 

Quite recently I met Emma, the designer behind Wild Fawn Jewellery. She create stunning sterling silver jewellery in her London studio. I met her at the Etsy rooftop event, where I ended up buying two of her sterling silver stacking rings. I have always been a fan of sterling silver jewellery, i'm never one for over the top jewellery any more. So it's no surprise that I really love her Geometric Triangle Necklace and her hammered silver bracelets. 

Feather Oak

Papio Press

Feather Oak is a business I have only recently come to know. I met the lovely Alexandra at an Etsy event last month and the story behind her jewellery is so enchanting. The stones that she uses in her jewellery are hunted and foraged by her own hands in the North of England. How wonderful is that! I'm currently loving her Sea Glass Silver ring which is available in her Etsy shop. 

I absolutely love Papio Press for their wonderful range of stationery and gifts. Being a lover of woodland creatures and the outdoors, their illustrations just fill my heart with joy. I already own one of their foxy prints and I am now lusting after their new 2017 Rainforest Calendar. Also the two designers behind Papio Press, Zanna and Harry are just the nicest! 

Sophia Victoria Joy

Promises Promises

Marble is such a huge trend right now, so it is no surprise that I am in love with these personalised marble coasters. I always bring a cup of tea into the studio with me when I'm making things or writing blog posts. I'd love to get one of these coasters with our Fox + Lilly logo on one for our studio. 

I met Victoria, the brains and beauty behind Promises Promises last month. She creates jewellery using a mix of materials that create an overall stunning piece. The metal is laser cut to precision, and the stone made from Jesmonite. I currently love her Pheonix Steel necklace

Don't forget you can also shop Fox + Lilly on Etsy, so if you had your eye on something but really want to pay by Paypal, you can via Etsy. 

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