My Time At The Etsy Rooftop Takeover

Hello there, hope your all having a lovely week so far. A few weeks back I wrote a blog about my invitation to the John Lewis Rooftop Etsy Takeover. Wow what a mouthful that is! Where me and 18 other Etsy sellers had the opportunity to sell our handmade goods in John Lewis's beautiful rooftop garden space. The event ran from Thursday the 25th to the Monday 29th of August. So I am here to tell you about how the event went and to share some pictures I snapped whilst I was there. 

Let me start by telling you it was one of the highlights of running my business over the past two years. I've been to a few art and craft fairs over the past year and this was so different and unique. The selection of Etsy sellers were amazing, so amazing you start to question how the hell you were even invited here. We were given our stalls, which were more like standing stalls. Something i've never seen before, but it was great to work with something different. 

But lets not forget how wonderful the surroundings were. On the rooftop of John Lewis's flagship store on Oxford Street, London. To be selling your wares amongst a sea of flowers, succulents, plants and cocktails. Is my kind of fair! Don't worry I waited until 5pm each day before I hurried over to the cocktail bar. 

It was so great to have customers come over and say they follow me on Instagram, and that they received one of my products as a gift, or they gave one as a gift. I mean of course people buy my products through Etsy and my website all the time, but to have those customers come say hello really puts it in to prospective. You get a mix of joy and excitement that maybe i'm doing alright, that i'm on the right track with my products.

The 5 day event had me reach levels of tiredness and exhaustion I never knew existed. I travelled from Brighton each morning and back each evening. My wonderful friend put me up in her spare room, which allowed me to even do the event. It span a total of 38 hours over a 5 day period. They were longs days, but the Etsy team were amazing in looking after your stall so you could grab some food or drink. I was enjoying a drink with my uncle who came to visit, and I saw one of the Etsy team explain my products so well, that she might have been the maker herself. Their commitment to understanding the sellers and their products is above and beyond. 

To sum it up, it was the most exciting 5 days and I met so many wonderful customers. Huge thank you to Etsy UK and their team, who invited me to take part and made the week run smoothly. Not forgetting the other amazing makers I met who were so friendly and helpful. I've put links to their Etsy stores below so you can check them out!

The Etsy makers who attended the event:


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