My Visit to Singapore


Last week I got back from a week long holiday in Singapore, which is why you will have found that my shop was closed for a period of time. One of my best friends from my University days lives and works out in Singapore, and she was getting married! All of us from University ventured out to this beautiful hot country for our friends wedding, which meant I got to see people I hadn't seen in months. I saved up for this holiday for months and it was so worth it. Singapore is such a vibrant and busy city, whilst still retaining some of its heritage in their temples and gardens. 

In the 7-8 days I was there I got to visit and explore so much of Singapore. By night the bay is a great place to go for food, drinks and music. Singapore by night is just as beautiful as the daytime. 

During my time there I got to visit a number of stunning places, such as the Chinese Gardens. Here they had such lovely buildings, bonsai gardens and statues. After here we visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens were they exhibited a number of exotic plants and flowers, plus a pretty awesome rain forest walkway. 

One night we headed to One Raffles Place, which is basically this huge sky scraper, and at the top they have a rooftop bar. It cost around £15 to get in, but you get a drink included with that, to which I chose the Singapore Sling Cocktail. I won't lie, being up there is pretty scary. You don't realise how high up you actually are, plus the entire bar is just covered with glass barriers and no roof. So you really feel exposed. But I would certainly recommend a visit if you can stand heights. 

We also visited the Universal Studios on Sentosa Island which is not as big as the original one in America, but still a place not to be sniffed at. After our day riding rollar coasters, we met up with the recently married couple. Because Universal is on Sentosa Island, it meant that there were beaches within walking distance. Luckily I packed my bikini and towel, so I got to have a dip in the sea, whilst drinking cocktails in a beach bar.  

On the last day I got to visit Gardens by the Bay, voted the best thing to do by Travel Advisor, and it's not surprising. On arrival you see these huge man made tree's covered in plants and flowers. You can even access the walk way between them. After that we headed over to the domes, of which there are two. A flower dome and a cloud dome. Both awesome and super cool, so it was nice to get in there away from the heat. 

Singapore in general is a very lovely place to visit. You can get food cheap and expensive depending on where you go. Food courts are pretty cheap, whereas restaurants aren't so much. Alcoholic drinks there are super expensive, around £10 for a vodka & coke. It isn't surprising that a lot of people move to Singapore to work and live, its hot, clean and about a 2hr flight from Bali. This was certainly a trip of a lifetime for me and sparked a wanderlust in me to travel more. Hope you liked the pictures and well done if you got to the end of this post.

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