Our Barcelona Adventure

I've probably been writing this post for the best part of three months, but better late than never. Last September me and my boyfriend went on our first holiday abroad to the beautiful Barcelona. We wanted a short city break that was somewhere warm, and after many recommendations we booked our flights and an Airbnb for Barcelona. So here's a blog post on where we stayed, ate and visited whilst in Barcelona. 

Where We Stayed

We decided to book a place via Airbnb, despite the worry of getting there and realising it was a dust bin, we were happy to be greeted by Pedro on his scooter outside the flat. It was essentially a one bed flat with a shower room, but it was much more spacious than any hotel room we found. You can book this flat here. I'd highly recommend using Airbnb for city breaks, despite it being a little worrying that it might not actually exist, all my experiences have been really positive ones. 

We loved the brick wall effect and the decor was very minimal and modern. It was in a Sagrada Famalia district and a 5min walk from the nearest metro stop. So it was really easy to get around Barcelona via public transport. 

Food & Gin

There are so many places to eat that it left us undecided most nights on where to go. The first night we went traditional and had a gorgeous Tapas at a place called coincidentally, Taps, before watching the Magic Fountain Show. Here I tried black pudding for the first time and actually liked it (only because I thought it was actually sausage). But none the less the food was gorgeous. 

The second night I wanted to try a place called Marmalade having seen it online with great reviews. It was a 5 minute walk from Las Ramblas. The food was so good and they had loads of amazing cocktails. It is the sister to the infamous Milk Bar & Bistro. 

The last night we headed to a place called Zed having looked up on Trip Advisor somewhere to eat nearer to the flat. It was a lovely vibe, however we were on a table in the middle of what seemed the walk way and felt constantly in the way. They also gave our deserts to the wrong table (who ate it anyway even when they said it wasn't there's afterwards), causing us to wait whats seemed an eternity for our deserts. That being said the food was nice and felt a little fancy, (mainly because I ordered something I totally didn't understand, it came and it was raw meat slices, so this in my eyes deemed it a fancy place).

 All the gin....the bartender basically poured the rest of the bottle in because why not!

The pint was bigger than his head (and cost like €12!!!)

Lets Be Tourists

So we tried to do as many tourist things as possible, because were British and love a good sight see. Having done a bit of researching online (what to do in Barcelona), we certainly were spoilt for choice. But here is a little write up of the more favourite places we visited. 

 Picasso Museum 

Having seen there was a Picasso Museum we decided to pay it a visit. First of all...it was so nice to step into a building that had air-con! The building is gorgeous and not too costly to get in. I also quickly realised this wasn't a museum you could take pictures in, having gotten a few dirty looks from others. I then saw the big camera image with a big red cross through it. My bad! But I got a few images before my camera was quickly put away. I'd certainly recommend a visit if your a fan of his work. The cobbled streets surrounding the museum were full of independent shops and boutiques too. 

Entry alone was €11, for guided tours its more. Also a little tip, its free admission on Thursdays from 6pm and the first Sunday of every month. 


Sagrada Familia

Seen as we were staying in the Sagrada district it would be silly to not visit the church itself. I had never really heard about this place, but soon came to realise it was the place to visit in Barcelona. From the outside it looked incredibly impressive, it doesn't resemble the typical churches you seen in England. The craftsmanship that must have gone into it is incredible. If you have never been, you never know what quite to expect once you walk into the church, but when you do your utterly blown away. The ceiling is just incredible and the windows so full of colour that when inside your walking in a multicoloured paradise. I'd highly recommend a visit to the Sagrada Familia, it was certainly a highlight of our trip. 

We paid around €28 per person for tickets. Definitely book a day in advance, we turned up at 9am and it was already fully booked that day! 

Website: http://www.sagradafamilia.org/en/

Park Guell

We visited Park Guell on what seemed to be the hottest day we were there. We also wore jeans....big mistake. The park is so gorgeous to walk around and the architecture was stunning. We came across a number of musicians dotted around the park which was relaxing to listen too. The Park is situated high above Barcelona so in certain parks of the park you got a beautiful view of the city below. To wonder around the gardens it is free, but you have to buy tickets for the Monumental Core. 

Website: https://www.parkguell.cat/en

So thats my write up of our trip to Barcelona. I would highly recommend a visit if your after a short city break with a bit of sun. I hope this post gave you some inspiration for a future trip or helped you decide on your next adventure. Let me know if you've been and where you visited. 

Lots of love, Laura xx

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