Studio Transformation

Well hello my lovelies,

It feels like an age since I last wrote a blog post on the website. I do apologise. In February I moved from my little end terrace to my boyfriends house so things have been a little hectic. Since his house is much bigger than mine we decided his was the place to be. However there was the question of where my new studio would be. In our house there was a tiny box room at the front of the property. It was the perfect space for my small business to operate from. was in much need of some TLC. 

I mean you can see for yourselves really. Once we peeled back the wallpaper we were greeted with this really horrid blue. I mean at first I thought how on earth am I going to make this bright, light and pretty. They even painted the bloody ceiling blue. 

The first job was getting rid of all the previous wall paper. After that we sanded all the walls as a lot of the blue paint was peeling. We also had to remove what felt like a million rawl plugs from the walls and fill them with filler. With my mum's help, she suggested just putting up lining paper on the walls. 

So we put up lining paper on all the wall to try hide lumps and bumps and that horrid blue colour. My mum then suggested buying some one coat paint for the ceiling to save myself the hassle. Honestly this was a lifesaver. It cost around £18 but after just one coat the blue ceiling was pure white. So worth the money. I then painted three of the walls white, and one wall a lovely grey colour for my prints. We then put down a lovely grey carpet to add some warmth to the room.

Below was the finished result and boy am I pleased. It is honestly my pride and joy. I never thought that first picture could end up like the ones below. 

Most the studio furniture, desk items and frames are from Ikea. I hoped you liked reading about how we transformed our small box room into Fox + Lilly's new studio space. Any questions leave a comment and I'll get back to you. 

Lots of love, Laura x


  • That is amazing! I’m redecorating my workspace too and am loving it.
    Where are your curtains from I love them!!

    Heather x


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