The Time I Went To Bruges

In just over a months time I will be jetting off to Singapore to watch a best friend from University get married. All the girls and guys from Uni are travelling out there for the big day. It got me reminiscing about the last time I went on holiday with these girls In December 2014. We booked a beautiful townhouse for the week and flew out to Bruges. We decided against a hotel because we wanted to all be together and be able to have the opportunity to cook together. We rented the Maison Saint-Sauveur which was ran by the loveliest of women. They own a B&B pretty much round the corner from the townhouse, so if we had any issues (which we didn't), we could pop round and see them.

The city itself was wonderful, lots of shops (mainly chocolate ones), history, cathedrals, cobbled side streets. It was certainly made more memorable that we went in December, with Christmas music playing in the streets, Christmas markets and an ice rink in the square. I'd certainly recommend a visit if your looking for a mini weekend break. You won't need more then 3-4 days here as it isn't too big a place. But just expect to eat lots of chocolate and come home with a few extra pounds. 

Recommended places to visit and things to do in Bruges: 

  • Visit and climb the Belfry Tower - Not good for those scared of small places, those steps up are narrow! But the view is worth the climb.
  • Go on a Boat Ride - There are loads of places to take a boat ride, and seeing as there are a lot of canals, its a quick way to get around whilst being given a guided tour. 
  • Visit Cambrinus - They have such a large selection of beers it's awesome! We went for drinks after a meal and the atmosphere was lively and friendly. They also serve food!
  • Eat at Ribs 'n Beer - Seriously never had ribs so good! They do a Rib banquet where you get ALL the ribs! They pretty much put a bucket in the middle of the table for all the bones. Also you get some amazing nachos! 

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